Book Quotes

3 Days, 3 Quotes, Day 3

Hi, lovelies! How are you? Like I told you a few days ago, I have been nominated for this great challenge by Michaela’s blog Journy into Books. I should have posted my final quote yesterday, but life kept getting in the away, and as a result, here I am ^^


Today, I have something special, a quote from my debut novel “Just For a While”. I gave this a lot of thought because I didn’t want to sound conceited, but I decided to share this with you because you’re most likely my first reader audience ♥


“She drew the things that stuck to her mind, the things that caught her attention and, specially, the things she wasn’t capable of understanding fully. But she hadn’t even realized it. Art had become her way of processing reality.” 


Today, I’d like to name three special blogs to join this great challenge:

*Chrissi Reads

* Lili’s Blissful Pages

* Reading Renee